Photon: The Swiss Army Knife for Deployments

This blog post will walk you through how we’ve automated our Micro-services deployment using photon. If working on such problems excite you, our SRE team is hiring. If you care about developer productivity and tooling—check out the job description and apply here. Feb 2021 At slice, our team is growing at a 3X scale, and the … Continue reading Photon: The Swiss Army Knife for Deployments

CloudCustodian At Slice

Regulation is an exciting topic and is directly proportional to fair and clean working of a process. Interestingly, it is also inversely related to the freedom with which the process could be performed. Take Indian markets, for instance, when the 1991 moment removed regulation, the productivity of the market increased, but lawmakers still have to … Continue reading CloudCustodian At Slice

Slice Data Lake

Every data-driven company, in its initial stages, starts with managing data with SQL and NoSQL databases and eventually as the amount of data grows it becomes time-consuming to perform complex analysis on the underlying data stores. In the current era, where the technology is being consumed at a fast pace, the data is growing by … Continue reading Slice Data Lake

Deployment of static websites with AWS Amplify

Every brand needs a website. And guess what? We have one and two too. Once we were done building our JAM stack site, inevitably we had to change a few things here and there. That is what marked the beginning of the deployment drama. We’ve done it. Here’s how you could do it too! Upload your code on AWS S3, … Continue reading Deployment of static websites with AWS Amplify

Session Manager: Driving operational excellence at slice!

Goodbye SSH and bastion hosts. Hello SSM! As much as we’d like to run our servers like cattle (pets vs cattle mantra), there are times that call for interactive shell access to instances.  This translates to audited secure access to cloud resources either through bastion hosts or through SSH keys, which in turn opens up … Continue reading Session Manager: Driving operational excellence at slice!

Jarvis: Slack notification framework

Do you run crons regularly and are worried about the progress of your cron? Or are simply curious if they’ll run perfectly or not? Or maybe you want to store logs in your server and send some part of those logs or the entire log file to yourself, in case of an exception, and want … Continue reading Jarvis: Slack notification framework

S3 to Redshift / RDS data propagator

The one thing that is almost always taken for granted by firms is data. Be it customer information, sensitive information from the industry, trade secrets exclusive to the company or even basic employee information — data should be like treasure and its protection the utmost priority. However, this is easier said than done. Data is … Continue reading S3 to Redshift / RDS data propagator

Deployments using Immutable Infrastructure

Don’t you feel like pulling out your hair when your code works in testing but not in production? Don’t you just hate it when you face downtime due to faulty deployments that are out of your control? We do too. Read on to find out how we resolved this nerve-wracking problem. What is a mutable … Continue reading Deployments using Immutable Infrastructure

Dynamic feature modules

Things to note before jumping in to implement dynamic feature modules in the project. Google Play’s Dynamic Delivery, one of the App Bundle features, helps developers in reducing the app size at the time of installation and thus increase the user onboarding rate. Then based on the stages or levels of the user, they can … Continue reading Dynamic feature modules

Pulse—keeping a check on our services

Developers take pride in their services’ uptime—they want to know when services go down or become lethargic in their response. At Slice, we use Elastic Heartbeat to monitor the uptime of internal services and alert us when they go down. Heartbeat has a nifty dashboard(through Kibana) that displays the uptime of all the services it is monitoring. … Continue reading Pulse—keeping a check on our services


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